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Car Trailer Rental: What You Need to Know

Any business transaction can get tricky if you don’t know the ins-and-outs of the industry.

Car Trailer Rental are no different.

Car Trailer Rental

Just a few avoidable slip-ups can lead to wasted time, a frustrating experience, and worst of all for many consumers: larger than estimated costs.

But just by taking a few simple steps you can avoid most pitfalls.

car trailer rental

Below are tips anyone can follow to avoid any unforeseen headaches when doing business with car trailer rental companies.

Perform Plenty of Due Diligence

Research the service providers in your area. Be sure to ask around and compare prices. This means investigating how each provider computes its rental rate. It’s also a good idea to research any perks a company offers.

Be aware and plan accordingly based on the time of the month. The beginning or end of the month is the busiest car trailer rental times. During those times, it may be necessary to call a few weeks earlier than when the equipment is needed.

Car Trailer Rental

You’ll need a trailer hitch. The hitch affixes to the back of a car or truck to pull the trailer. If you don’t have a hitch you’ll need to buy and install one before the rental dates.

Check if the company you have selected has a good safety track record. They may even be able to tell you if they have moved a car similar to yours in the past and offer advice.

Inspect Equipment Beforehand

Inspect the trailer and other equipment before signing an agreement. Make sure it seems durable enough to carry your car. Let the rental agent know if you plan to travel over rough roads.

Don’t forget to take the weather into consideration. Ask the provider if it offers weather or debris protection. This is something to consider if traveling in the winter or rainy season.

Double-Check Car Rental Trailer Policies

If you use separate hauling and rental companies make sure the equipment is compatible.

Ask about a company’s cancellation policy before booking. It’s a good idea to know if the company charges a penalty for changing dates or plans.

  Car Trailer Rental

Investigate the late-fee policy. Pay a deposit to hold your reservation. Make sure you understand all terms of the rental policy. This includes trailer pickup and drop-off, and equipment damage fees.

Be sure to let the car trailer rental company know where you will be going. Extra protective equipment can be added to your car when traveling on rough roads.

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