Car Dolly Basics

Car DollyA car dolly can be a lifesaver when it comes to moving vehicles that no one is able to drive. Perhaps you want to save money on a tow truck to transfer your project car from the driveway to the local garage for an engine overhaul.

Many cross-country travelers use a car dolly to pull a smaller vehicle behind their gas-guzzling RV for making quick trips for supplies and sightseeing once they’ve set up camp. Going to the Christmas Parade with your classic car and don’t want to put actual miles on the engine? Use a dolly to move it. Car sales online often require you to pick up your new car. A tow dolly eliminates the need to take along an extra driver.

Car Dolly, How it Works

A car dolly, otherwise known as a tow dolly, is a frame with wheels that allows for the transport of a vehicle to be moved without a second driver necessary. It is a trailer pulled behind another car or truck of adequate size. Car DollyThe wheels are set on the trailer, locked down for the trip, and the whole car is secured by sturdy harness straps used to secure the vehicle to the dolly. The trailer is attached to the towing vehicle and you’re on your way. The engine of the towed vehicle doesn't run while the moving takes place.

What to Look For

A good dolly will be built of steel or other appropriate approved material by a reputable manufacturer of trailers. If you plan to travel on rough roads or in inclement weather, look for a dolly with anti-slip features. This includes swivel wheel pans to hug the tires or extra grip material to help keep the wheels in place. The tongue that connects the dolly to the towing vehicle must have safety features according to local traffic law. Heavy chains or other safeguards should be present on the hitch in case the tongue mechanism fails. There should be a wiring harness in place to run the rear lights, turn signals, and brake lights and will coordinate with the vehicle towing the car. Most locations require these safety features for safe and legal towing.

Where to Get One

Consider purchasing a new or used tow dolly if you’ll use it often. These can be found through local equipment and trailer sales businesses or through the local classified ads. For occasional use, rental is a better option. Nationally known truck and trailer moving companies and local franchise equipment rental yards can help. Moving out of the area with extra vehicles? Many rental companies allow pick-up in your town and drop-off at your destination city. Ask about the details before signing the rental agreement.  For more information, check out this cool article. We hope you found this article to be helpful and informative.  If you have questions, please leave them in the comments below.  And, if you liked this article, please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Home

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