Flatbed Trailer

A Flatbed Trailer is a type of utility trailer. It is towed behind a vehicle, such as a car or truck. Flatbed trailers got their name because they have a flat bed onto which cargo can be loaded.

Flatbed trailer sizes vary. The materials and type of construction vary, too. The frames can be aluminum, steel or composition material, for example.Flatbed trailers are designed for carrying heavy loads. Taking advantage of the flat floor, cargo is often of the type that can be rolled onto the bed. Logs, sport vehicles, pipes and farm equipment are among the bulky items that can be carried by flatbed trailer.

Flatbed trailer types

Flatbed trailers are vital to many industries. Flatbeds are particularly tied to the construction industry. As building slowed during the recent economic downturn, so did manufacture of flatbeds.

New construction has risen in recent years. Flatbed manufacture has also gone up. Flatbed trailers are also being used more widely and in a greater variety of applications.Flatbed trailers are also popular for recreational use. Hot rods, classic cars and off-road vehicles can all be put on flatbeds and towed by car or pickup truck.

Flatbed trailer dimensions vary by length, height and width. There are standard sizes and types. A standard flatbed trailer is about five feet high and around four feet in length. Stretch trailers can be as long as 80 feet or as short as just over three feet in length. Tall loads may require a lowboy trailer, which has a drop deck that rides close to the ground.

Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailer for rent

Flatbed trailer rentals are booming. Industries with high and low seasons frequently rent trailers to carry extra cargo in the busy seasons. Private individuals often rent flatbed trailers for specific events. These include vacations, car shows, moves and other occasions.

Flatbed trailers and trucks are easy for private individuals to rent. They can be found at familiar truck-rental companies, including Ryder, Hertz and U-Haul. Other companies specialize in heavier-duty Flatbed Trailer for industrial use.

Flatbed trailers for sale

Flatbed trailers can be bought new from a number of sources. There are many reputable dealers that sell flatbed trailers designed for specific uses.

Many people list used flatbed trailers for sale on craigslist or on eBay. The Truck Paper http://truckpaper.com is another source for used trucks and flatbed trailers that are being sold by individuals.

Usually, photographs and specs are provided in a used-trailer ad. It is important to know about the type of trailer you're looking for before buying a used one.People often lend their trailers to one another. This is especially true if they participate in the same hobby. Hobbies using flatbed trailers include hot rod racing and antique car shows.

Borrowing a flatbed trailer may be risky to both the lender and the borrower. Flatbed trailers require special skills to tow, especially when backing up. Slowing down and stopping suddenly can also be dangerous.Courses are available for people who want to learn the special skills needed to pull a flatbed trailer. This is especially important for very heavy and industrial loads.

If the driver is unfamiliar with towing a trailer, that person risks an accident. Jackknifing in bad weather or icy road conditions is a serious mistake. It can immobilize or damage the car and trailer.

Be careful before you agree to borrow someone's flatbed trailer. Make sure everything is in working order. Be sure you feel comfortable towing it.Be careful if you are the lender. Discuss who is going to be responsible if any accident occurs.

Flatbed trailer regulations

The U.S. Department of Transportation regulates all vehicles on the road. Flatbed trailer lights are required. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration publishes a chart of basic lighting equipment required for trailers being towed. http://www.nhtsa.gov/cars/rules/standards/conspicuity/trlrpstr.html The NHTSA also provides online information on all aspects of flatbed trailer towing safety. http://www.nhtsa.gov/cars/problems/Equipment/towing/

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