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Dump Trailers – For Home Or Business!

Features to Consider When Shopping for a Dump Trailer

 Dump Trailers

Individuals who want to purchase Dump Trailers benefit from finding out as much as possible about them. After all, it's important to find a dump trailer that fits your needs. Here are some of the features for you to consider when shopping a selection of dump trailers.


The dump trailer you buy depends on the type of cargo you want to haul. For instance, if you want to haul large amounts of gravel or sand, you may want to get a dump trailer that can accommodate 5,000 lbs. of cargo. Alternatively, if you plan to use the dump trailer for hauling a few bags of soil for a garden or maybe small pieces of equipment you may want to get a model that can carry just a few hundred pounds.


Many Dump Trailers have hydraulics that raise the bed to dump a load with the push of a button. You may want a dump trailer with hydraulics for delivering gravel, dirt or sand. Without a hydraulic feature, you would have to shovel all of the material out of the bed of the trailer.


D-rings can be very useful to you if you're carrying equipment or other large items in the trailer's bed. Pieces of equipment can be secured with the help of these D-rings. Also, they can be used to strap items down so they won't slide in the bed.

Remote Control

You have the option of a getting a dump trailer with a remote control feature. This allows you to raise the bed of the trailer and dump your cargo with the push of a button. You can operate it while sitting in the cab of your truck.

Lock-Powered Door

This provides an extra element of security as you are transporting cargo. You can lock your trailer's door so that the items inside won't fall out and sustain damage.


Fortunately, you have lots of options when it comes to the color of your dump trailer. You may want one that matches the color of your truck. Or, you may prefer one that matches the colors in the logo of your business!

A Removable Tailgate

The feature of a removable tailgate may be an important feature to you. It would be easier to remove the door when dumping sand, gravel and other similar materials. The door is relatively easy to remove and reattach.

Dump Trailers


The tires on a dump trailer are also important to think about. If you have to travel long distances, you may opt for radial tires over bias ply tires. Radial tires cause less vibration and create less heat which can extend the life of a tire.


When looking at the dimensions of a dump trailer you should consider the purpose of the trailer. If you need one that will fit into a small area in order to pick up a load, you may want one that measures 6×10 or 6×12. If you need to haul large items for farm work, then one with increased dimensions would be a wise choice in order to haul farm items safely.


You will want to take note of the lights on the sides of the trailer. Keep in mind that flush mount lighting is less likely to sustain damage. This can help you avoid the costs of regularly replacing lights that have broken off while on the road.

A Quality Brand

Finally, remember the importance of purchasing a dump trailer made by a well-known manufacturer with a reputation for quality construction. Of course, a dump trailer made by a reputable manufacturer will serve your needs in an efficient way. In addition, if you ever decide to sell the dump trailer, its trustworthy brand name will make it more appealing to buyers.

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Flatbed Trailer

A Flatbed Trailer is a type of utility trailer. It is towed behind a vehicle, such as a car or truck. Flatbed trailers got their name because they have a flat bed onto which cargo can be loaded.

Flatbed trailer sizes vary. The materials and type of construction vary, too. The frames can be aluminum, steel or composition material, for example.Flatbed trailers are designed for carrying heavy loads. Taking advantage of the flat floor, cargo is often of the type that can be rolled onto the bed. Logs, sport vehicles, pipes and farm equipment are among the bulky items that can be carried by flatbed trailer.

Flatbed trailer types

Flatbed trailers are vital to many industries. Flatbeds are particularly tied to the construction industry. As building slowed during the recent economic downturn, so did manufacture of flatbeds.

New construction has risen in recent years. Flatbed manufacture has also gone up. Flatbed trailers are also being used more widely and in a greater variety of applications.Flatbed trailers are also popular for recreational use. Hot rods, classic cars and off-road vehicles can all be put on flatbeds and towed by car or pickup truck.

Flatbed trailer dimensions vary by length, height and width. There are standard sizes and types. A standard flatbed trailer is about five feet high and around four feet in length. Stretch trailers can be as long as 80 feet or as short as just over three feet in length. Tall loads may require a lowboy trailer, which has a drop deck that rides close to the ground.

Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailer for rent

Flatbed trailer rentals are booming. Industries with high and low seasons frequently rent trailers to carry extra cargo in the busy seasons. Private individuals often rent flatbed trailers for specific events. These include vacations, car shows, moves and other occasions.

Flatbed trailers and trucks are easy for private individuals to rent. They can be found at familiar truck-rental companies, including Ryder, Hertz and U-Haul. Other companies specialize in heavier-duty Flatbed Trailer for industrial use.

Flatbed trailers for sale

Flatbed trailers can be bought new from a number of sources. There are many reputable dealers that sell flatbed trailers designed for specific uses.

Many people list used flatbed trailers for sale on craigslist or on eBay. The Truck Paper http://truckpaper.com is another source for used trucks and flatbed trailers that are being sold by individuals.

Usually, photographs and specs are provided in a used-trailer ad. It is important to know about the type of trailer you're looking for before buying a used one.People often lend their trailers to one another. This is especially true if they participate in the same hobby. Hobbies using flatbed trailers include hot rod racing and antique car shows.

Borrowing a flatbed trailer may be risky to both the lender and the borrower. Flatbed trailers require special skills to tow, especially when backing up. Slowing down and stopping suddenly can also be dangerous.Courses are available for people who want to learn the special skills needed to pull a flatbed trailer. This is especially important for very heavy and industrial loads.

If the driver is unfamiliar with towing a trailer, that person risks an accident. Jackknifing in bad weather or icy road conditions is a serious mistake. It can immobilize or damage the car and trailer.

Be careful before you agree to borrow someone's flatbed trailer. Make sure everything is in working order. Be sure you feel comfortable towing it.Be careful if you are the lender. Discuss who is going to be responsible if any accident occurs.

Flatbed trailer regulations

The U.S. Department of Transportation regulates all vehicles on the road. Flatbed trailer lights are required. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration publishes a chart of basic lighting equipment required for trailers being towed. http://www.nhtsa.gov/cars/rules/standards/conspicuity/trlrpstr.html The NHTSA also provides online information on all aspects of flatbed trailer towing safety. http://www.nhtsa.gov/cars/problems/Equipment/towing/

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Car Trailer For Sale

Choosing the Best Car Trailer for Sale

When searching for the right Car Trailer For Sale, it's necessary to figure out what type of trailer is appropriate for the circumstances. Additionally, it's important to know what the family's vehicle can handle. Not all vehicles come with a tow hitch so some installation on the car might be required.

The following features will require inspection during the purchase of a car trailer for sale:
•    Size: Is the trailer size appropriate for the car that will be towing it?
•    Condition: Is the trailer rusted? Is it heavily worn in load-bearing areas?
•    Tires: Are the tires recently purchased, or are there a lot of miles on them?
•    Hitching mechanism: Is the hitch in working condition? Get a demonstration.
•    Moving parts: Is there a ramp? Does it operate smoothly?
•    Electrical: If there are brake lights, do they work?

Tip: Look at the bottom of the car trailer for sale for age, wear, and signs of instability.

After purchasing a trailer, it's essential to consider the following when setting the trailer up for the first time to head out onto the road:

1. Consider the added weight and braking changes

One of the most strained elements of a vehicle during towing is the brakes. Before deciding to tow anything,test the brakes to make sure they're working well. Some trailers do have brakes, but not every car trailer for sale will feature this option.

A driver must start to brake much earlier when there's a trailer in tow. This means watching out for traffic that might require some braking and depressing the brake as early as possible. Travel at no more than 55 MPH on major highways.

Tip: For long journeys with a trailer, consider having the brakes checked by a mechanic, or take a look at the pads to make sure they've got enough life left for the trip.

2. Don't Forget the spares

Many drivers have an extra tire on their vehicle, but completely forget about the trailer they just purchased. It's not uncommon to find a Car Trailer For Sale in used condition. Always assume that the tires have seen some time on the road, even if they look new.

Old tires that don't have many miles on them could still have wear and cracks from aging that aren't visible from the outside. Getting out of the car to inflate a trailer tire every few hours isn't the best way to travel.

Tip: Tires don't necessarily need to be replaced before departure; however, always check the PSI (tire pressure) in each of the tires over a few days to check for leaks.

3. Move Those Mirrors

Mirrors on an average vehicle are often positioned appropriately to see rear traffic, but not if a trailer sits behind it. If the car trailer for sale is to be towed by a car, installation of new mirrors might be necessary. Large trucks usually have mirrors will move outward to accommodate a trailer.

Car Trailer For Sale

Make sure there aren't problems with visibility before departing on any travel. Get a friend to stand behind the trailer to test visibility.

4. Try it before the trip

After finding the perfect car trailer for sale, it's important to test it out. If plans include a long trip or if a driver has never towed before, practicing a little before departure is highly recommended. Find a road without a lot of traffic and drive with the trailer to get used to the setup.

Tip: Remember to practice backing up! A car trailer for sale often requires placement and movement that requires some backward driving.

A vehicle trailer is an exceptionally useful device that can help get big projects done with ease. When purchasing a Car Trailer For Sale, inspect it just as might be required for a car or truck. Even if the trailer is brand new, inspect every surface of the trailer. If possible, see about getting a demonstration of the trailer in action.

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Car Trailer Rental: What You Need to Know

Any business transaction can get tricky if you don’t know the ins-and-outs of the industry.

Car Trailer Rental are no different.

Car Trailer Rental

Just a few avoidable slip-ups can lead to wasted time, a frustrating experience, and worst of all for many consumers: larger than estimated costs.

But just by taking a few simple steps you can avoid most pitfalls.

car trailer rental

Below are tips anyone can follow to avoid any unforeseen headaches when doing business with car trailer rental companies.

Perform Plenty of Due Diligence

Research the service providers in your area. Be sure to ask around and compare prices. This means investigating how each provider computes its rental rate. It’s also a good idea to research any perks a company offers.

Be aware and plan accordingly based on the time of the month. The beginning or end of the month is the busiest car trailer rental times. During those times, it may be necessary to call a few weeks earlier than when the equipment is needed.

Car Trailer Rental

You’ll need a trailer hitch. The hitch affixes to the back of a car or truck to pull the trailer. If you don’t have a hitch you’ll need to buy and install one before the rental dates.

Check if the company you have selected has a good safety track record. They may even be able to tell you if they have moved a car similar to yours in the past and offer advice.

Inspect Equipment Beforehand

Inspect the trailer and other equipment before signing an agreement. Make sure it seems durable enough to carry your car. Let the rental agent know if you plan to travel over rough roads.

Don’t forget to take the weather into consideration. Ask the provider if it offers weather or debris protection. This is something to consider if traveling in the winter or rainy season.

Double-Check Car Rental Trailer Policies

If you use separate hauling and rental companies make sure the equipment is compatible.

Ask about a company’s cancellation policy before booking. It’s a good idea to know if the company charges a penalty for changing dates or plans.

  Car Trailer Rental

Investigate the late-fee policy. Pay a deposit to hold your reservation. Make sure you understand all terms of the rental policy. This includes trailer pickup and drop-off, and equipment damage fees.

Be sure to let the car trailer rental company know where you will be going. Extra protective equipment can be added to your car when traveling on rough roads.

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