Different Types of Car Trailer for Sale


Ok so you've decided you want to find a car trailer for sale.  The only problem is you don't know what type of car trailer you need.  In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about finding the right car trailer for sale for you.

Finding a Car Trailer for Sale.

The first step in finding the right car trailer for sale is figuring out what kind of car trailer you need.  Are you looking for a trailer to tow your car or are you looking for a trailer to tow behind your car?  In this article we will discuss the types of trailer that one might use to tow a car. There are three basic types of trailers for towing a car.  One is the the flatbed type.  One is the auto transport, and one is the single axle tow dolly.


Car Trailer for Sale

Probably the most robust and versatile of the car trailers, this is basically a flat surface big enough for a car or small truck, mounted on a two axle trailer.  They usually have ramps that slide out of the rear end that allow you to drive your car up onto the trailer.  Then you slide the ramps back into their slots, strap the wheels to the trailer, attach the safety chains, and you're on your way. The nice thing about this kind of trailer is that you can use it for other things besides towing a car.  You can easily load lumber, tile, piping, potted plants, or whatever you can think of onto these trailers so it can serve multiple purposes.

Auto Transport

The track type of car trailer is similar to the flatbed style.  It basically has two tracks for the car to sit on instead of the flat bed.  The rest is the same.

Tow Dolly

Car Trailer for Sale

The tow behind car trailer is the simplest of the kinds of car trailer for sale.  It has two platforms for the front wheels of your car to sit on.  The wheels are then strapped to the platforms which holds the car in place.  Next you will hook a safety chain up to the car chassis just in case the wheel straps malfunction. One last thing to look for on all of these trailer types is the electrical hookups.  Make sure you know how to hook up the trailer lights and that work properly before you hit the road. Well that about sums it up.  Hopefully this article has given you all of the information you need about the different types of car trailer for sale.  If you have any questions about anything you read here, please email us! If you found this article to be helpful, please share it with your friends on twitter or facebook or however you like to share.  

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